Because of My Blindness and Coping with Sight Los with Steven Scott from RNIB


Life After Blindness begins this week with a “Because of My Blindness” story from Mark. He talks about being an orientation and mobility instructor and how because of his blindness, he is able to educate others. Mark also talks about coping with his sight loss and how rewarding his ork his.

Tim then takes a moment to discuss the short absence of the podcast. He explains that he has been dealing wih some health issues. Tim also says that his daughter has just started kindergarten and that he has been working with today’s guest, Steven scott, on other podcast and radio projects.

Steven scott then joins the podcast for this week’s interview. Steven and Tim talk about losing your vision and how Steven has dealt with his plethora of eye diseases.

Steven tells several stories about coping with vision loss at different stages of his life and how each transition was different. He also describes how he approaches sighted people and their questions about blindness.

Be sure to listen again next time as we continue our journey together to find that their can truly be a life after blindness.

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