Eyes Free Fitness App with Mel Scott, Amazon Echo with Randy Rusnakk, Because of My Blindness and so Much More!


Happy New Year!

We begin the 20th episode of the Life After Blindness podcast with an all new because of my blindness story.

Since we’ve been away, there’s been many developments in blindness related news. First,Microsoft’s Seeing AI app has added four new channels. These channels include: currency, colors, handwriting and light detection.

AIRA has announced partnerships with two US airports to allow users to navigate these airports for free without using any minutes. AIRA also announced a partnership with the ridesharing app Lyft. This puts lift right into the AIRA app, enabling your agent to help you in contacting and accessing your ride.

En-Vision America will be releasing a new app this year for the iPhone called Script Talk. Already available on android devices, this app allows users to scan codes on prescription bottles that will then read all the pertinent information about the prescription.

Next, Tim speaks with Mel Scott from blindalive.com about the recent release of the Eyes Free Fitness app for the iPhone. This app enables you to download and play a number of workouts offered by Blind Alive. The app also gives you direct access to their blog and podcast.

Tim the continues his conversation with Randy Rusnak. This time they are talking all about the Amazon Echo.

The podcast closes with a recording sent in by listener Rachel from the UK.

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