LABCast #9: synthetic Retinas, smart paint, Amazon echo communication features and WWDC Rumors With Special Guest Holly Anderson


Welcome to episode nine of the Life After Blindness Podcast. Returning this week is Holly Anderson from the Maccessibility Roundtable Podcast.
Because of my blindness:
Do you have a positive or inspirational story to share that might not of ever happen to you if you were not blind?
Unfortunately learning negative experiences can happen when you were blind. I want to hear about your positive experiences. Have you gotten to go somewhere, meet someone or do something that you never would’ve been able to do if you hadn’t been blind.
Please send your audio recordings or written stories to me at:
I will share your stories in upcoming episodes of the podcast.

Holly Anderson joins me to discuss a few news stories that affect the blind community.
First, we discuss an oxford students research into creating a synthetic retina. It’s in its very early stages but could potentially be better excepted by the body and provide more realistic vision than other retinal replacements available now.
Next, we discuss the new initiative coming out of Tampa Florida. And tapas efforts to become a “smart city”, they are looking to use smart paint with smart canes at certain crosswalks. Sensors in the smart paint would let your smart cane know where you are with in the crosswalk as you go from one side of the street to another. Holly talks about the potential pros and cons to using a technology like this.
Finally, we will talk about our experiences using the new communications features for Amazon echo in the Amazon Alexa app.

If you ever wanted to use your Amazon echo or the Alexa app to send and receive texts and voice messages or to place phone calls; then the new communications update is just what you been waiting for!
In this review, I will walk you through the new features and demonstrate how they work.

Call he returns for the last segment of the podcast to talk with me about what we expect from this year’s WWDC conference from Apple. We talk about rumors and speculation surrounding the upcoming keynote address on July 5. We also talked about what our “one more thing” would be.

Thank you so much for listening to episode nine of the Life After Blindness Podcast! Please come back again as together we continue our journey to find that there can truly be a life after blindness.

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