Life After Blindness Spotlight Interview with Frank Facio


Welcome to the Life After Blindness Spotlight. This is the podcast where I interview someone connected to the blind and visually impaired community.
This week, I speak with Frank Facio.
Frank is been an employee of the United States Postal Service for almost 35 years. During his life and career, Frank has faced many difficult transitions. Frank’s positive “roll with the flow” attitude combined with the insight and help of many wonderful people along the way, has helped him stay strong and overcome.
In this interview, Frank talks about how blindness has affected his marriage, career and his passions. Two of these passions are playing Beep Baseball and performing with his band, ‘Steele Horse Country’.
We highlight many of Frank’s personal and professional milestones. Then, we wrap up by discussing Frank’s future plans.
Thank you very much for listening to the Life After Blindness spotlight interview with Frank Facio!

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2 thoughts on “Life After Blindness Spotlight Interview with Frank Facio

  1. I’m proud to call Frank my friend; He’s a great person, great musician and a great friend. Truly a great person!

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