Life After Blindness Spotlight interview with Michael Hingson


This week on the Life After Blindness Spotlight, I am happy to be joined by New York Times best-selling author and Director of Strategic Sales for AiraMichael Hingson.
Michael and I began by discussing his childhood experiences and how the strength and perseverance of his parents inspired his independence going forward. As we continue from childhood into adulthood, We talk about more than just Michael Hingson the blind kid. Michael talks about several childhood interests including electronics and ham radio. We discuss Michael’s aptitude for math and how he turn that into a Masters degree in physics.
I asked Michael to explain the transition from physics major to salesman and how that journey placed him in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. We examine some of the events of that day and the impact that it is made on Michael’s life. One of the more impactful lessons that we can learn from Michael’s escape from the Twin Towers on that day comes from the magnificent teamwork shared between Michael and his guide dog Roselle. We discussed the importance of that teamwork and how it affects other parts of our lives.
You can read more about Michael Hingson’s life as well as more about that inspiring escape from the World Trade Center by purchasing Michael’s New York Times best-selling book; Thunder dog, The true story of a blind man, his guide dog & the triumph of trust.
Michael and I continue our conversation by discussing what he’s been doing since that fateful day in 2001. Michael has worked hard as an advocate for the blind as well as a motivational speaker. And now he has been hired by Aira as their Director of Strategic Sales. For more information about Ira and what their service can do for the blind and visually impaired community, you can select the link above or participate in an upcoming conference call. This conference call will be held on September 12 at 8 PM Eastern time, 5 o’clock Pacific.
The phone number and access code for the conference call is:
Phone: (605)468-8004
Access Code: 329906 pound

Thank you again to Michael Hingson for sharing his amazing story and thank you very much for listening to the life after blindness spotlight podcast!

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