Life After Blindness Spotlight Interview with Derek Daniel


Welcome to the Life After Blindness Spotlight. This is the podcast where I interview someone connected to the blind and visually impaired community.
This week, I speak with Derek Daniel from Life After Sight Loss.
Derek talks about growing up in a small town in southern Indiana after having been adopted at just three weeks old. growing up, Derek discovered he had a passion for the performing arts as well as for helping people. Combined with his interest in technology as well as his experiences through church ministry, Derek is using these talents and interests to help others through his new website and podcast.
Listen as Derek describes losing sight at age 18. And how the love of family and Friends as well as his love for the performing arts, helped him through the transition. Derek also discusses how he manages being a stay at home blind father while producing YouTube videos, blogs and podcasts. He then shares his hopes for the future of Life After Sight Loss before ending with some inspirational thoughts for those who are losing their vision.

Thank you very much for listening to the Life After Blindness Spotlight interview with Derek Daniel.

the Life After Blindness Blog and Podcast will be launching again very soon!


Hello! My Name is Tim Schwartz and I’d like to welcome you to the Life After Blindness Blog and Podcast!
I began to slowly lose my vision over 25 years ago. I’ve been through the good, the bad and the ugly of vision loss. If not for the help of family, friends and technology – I’d never be where I am today. And now I want to share what I’ve learned with you.
I originally launched this blog and podcast in 2013. My intention was to be a resource for the visually impaired and sighted alike. I wanted this blog and podcast to be a source of inspiration for the blind community. Not just a place to find the latest news and events, but also a source of comfort. I had also hoped that sighted people would find this a welcoming resource that could aid them in relating to blind family or friends.

These feelings and goals never changed but my personal life did. When I started the podcast in 2013, my wife and I had just moved and our daughter was 8 months old. So keeping up with a blog and podcast on a regular basis proved to be overwhelming.
In my absence from the podcast, I have continued to write some blog posts. I’ve also shared numerous blindness-related stories to Twitter and Facebook. But, my desire to podcast regularly and share my passion with the world has never waivered. I feel that my dream to make ‘Life After Blindness’ achieve its potential is stronger than it has ever been!
So whether you have been blind since birth or slowly losing your vision for years, we all have this one thing in common. Therefore, we share many of the same barriers as well as achievements. Please come along with me as we embark on this journey together! And let’s show the world that there truly can be a life after blindness…