Because of My Blindness, Hubooble app for iPhone, Nest Thermostat with Randy Rusnak and Top News Headlines!


This week, listener Celeste offers her “Because of My Blindness“ story. She tells us about researching the history of video games. And despite having done so many other things in her life, Celeste explains why this topic is so important to her.
In the news, Tim talks about the described Super Bowl experience that AIRA provided for the big game. Through a variety of online platforms, AIRA Offered a free demonstration of their service. Not only describing to the user at the game the pregame and post game ceremonies, and the game itself but also describe the halftime show as well as the commercials airing on television. And of course, you could listen in as they directed the user to and from their seat as well as to the souvenir and concession stands.
Next, Tim discusses apples release of the HomePod. It is available for purchase on February 9 and will retail at $349. At that price, will it only be a competitor for hire end speakers or can it be a solid competitor to Amazon and Google‘s Voice assistance?
The Orbit Reader braille display has finally been launched. This compact braille reader offers a small and lightweight option that uses 20 braille cells. And even better, it retails for $449.
And finally, there was big news for specialist blind tech at last months CES. The Orcam MyEye II One the “Last Gadget Standing Award“! The Orcam is a small camera that fits to any pair of eyeglasses and allows the user to read text and identify faces and other attributes.
Next up, Tim talks to the developers from App A11y about their new iPhone app called Huboodle. This app currently offers six different games including word games, Video Poker, blackjack and a trivia game. Nick and Lee say that they plan to release one new game per month.
To wrap up the podcast, Tim finishes a series of conversations with Randy rusnak about accessible home tech. In this short peace, they discussed the accessibility and usefulness of the Nest Thermostat.
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