LABCast #15: Beep Baseball, Accessible Appliances, Intervals App and Group Fitness with Maria Johnson


My special guest on the podcast this week is Maria Johnson from Girl Gone Blind.
Congratulations to the Indy thunder beep baseball team for winning their second consecutive World Series championship! Maria and I discussed their win and our thoughts about beep baseball overall.
Next, we discuss two stories about accessible appliances. GE has developed a box that you can attach to any washer/dryer to make it accessible. And samsung is researching the possibility of voice activated home appliances like refrigerators and microwaves.
I then demonstrate an app for the iPhone and Apple Watch called Intervals. This app is used to set individual timers and receive alerts for different types of intensity interval training.
Maria joins me again to discuss her experience as a group fitness instructor. She talks about teaching her classes, the help she receives and the importance of just doing something to move your body.
The podcast closes with a Because of My Blindness story shared this week by Beth. Beth tells us about how the determination and teachings of her parents helped to guide her to become the independent blind woman she is today.
Thank you for listening to the Life After Blindness podcast! Join me again next time as together we continue to find that there can truly be a life after blindness.

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